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Noticeboard 2.X

Noticeboard 2.0Noticeboard extension for Joomla! is used to create and display notices. A notice(in this context) is a brief snippet of text or an image which can be used as an announcement, breaking news or a simple image rotator. 

 This extension includes a component and module. The component manages notices and the module displays them.

Noticeboard component

 Noticeboard component saves and maintain notices.

 Set up


  • Notice and Category Management 
  • You can include images and links in your notices if your content editor supports it. 
  • Publishing options for notice (start and end dates).


Noticeboard module

Noticeboard module displays notices created through the noticeboad component. 



  • Basic Options

  1. Show Notice Title
  2. Width
  3. Height
  4. Text Color
  5. Background Color
  6. Text Align
  7. Border Style
  8. Border Color
  9. Border Size
  • Advanced Options
  1. Speed
  2. Delay
  3. Category
  4. Effect ( Blind, Bounce, Clip, Drop, Explode, Fade, Fold, Highlight, Puff, Pulsate, Scale, Shake, Size, Slide)

You can duplicate the module to display notices for different categories in a single page. The module’s width and height can be adjusted to fit in any position. Notices can be displayed using various JQuery effects.